In the heart of every teacher lies a passion for shaping young minds, a joy in sparking curiosity and a wish to make a difference. But we know too well that the mounting pressures of constant planning, assessing and data collection can quickly dim that spark. It’s happening all too frequently with teachers experiencing burnout and great teachers leaving teaching altogether. The endless cycle of preparation, the never-ending paperwork – it can feel like a pressure cooker, which can quickly overshadow your love of teaching.

Discover the Joy of Teaching Again with Teach This Daily

At Teach This Daily, we understand these pressures because we've been there ourselves. We've felt the weight of the workload and the guilt of time spent away from our families and friends. That's why we created Teach This Daily. It’s a place where the burden of constant planning is lifted from your shoulders, where each day’s curriculum needs are not just met but seamlessly woven into engaging lesson plans.

Every Lesson Planned to Perfection

Comprehensive Year-Long Planning:
Every day of the school year meticulously mapped out for you.

Flexibility to Suit Your Style:
Freedom to shuffle lessons around within each week, ensuring adaptability to your unique teaching style.

Adapt and Personalise Your Teaching:
Flexibility is key and with Teach This Daily, tailoring your lessons to fit your unique style is easier than ever.

Revolutionise Literacy Teaching:
Our comprehensive synthetic phonics program is designed to enhance your literacy sessions, complete with decodable readers for every level. Use it alone or in conjunction with any other program used within your school. It is easy to tailor it to your needs.

Lifting the Burden Off Your Shoulders

Imagine a world where your lesson plans are prepared for you, where resources are readily available and where teaching feels less like a task and more like you’d imagined it to be, an inspiring place of fun and learning, where students want to learn and you enjoy the experience. With Teach This Daily, this is not just a possibility; it's your new reality. Our platform is a place where the path is laid out clearly, yet with room for your expert creative teaching touch.

Wake up each morning, open your Teach This Daily portal, select the day’s plan and you’re ready to go. Every resource, worksheet, anchor chart, game, PowerPoint presentation, assessment, craft activity and more… it’s all there for you to access. You don’t need to plan anything. We’ve already worked through the curriculums to coordinate the content effectively throughout the year, ensuring every requirement has been met. Non-contact time has also been accounted for, with simple preparation tasks allocated to ensure you are not stuck at school for hours preparing anything.

More Than Just a Teaching Aid:
A Partner in Your Personal Wellbeing

Teach This Daily goes beyond being just an educational resource. It's about enriching your personal life, to create a healthy, balanced life where your evenings and weekends are yours to enjoy, no longer consumed by planning. Instead, they're yours to enjoy, to relax, to be with family, or to pursue your passions.

It's perfect for teachers who need to use their time more wisely, or simply to eliminate the overwhelm, for homeschooling parents who are struggling to figure out how to cover all the content in the school year, for teachers new to Foundation or Year 1 and for pre-service and relief teachers. This program has been designed to work with you, so you can easily shuffle lessons across days of the week or use any additional NCT for revision, rotations or some of the added extras. What’s important is that we know it's quality, we know it works and we know it saves you an enormous amount of time.

The Price of Missing Out

Leave behind the relentless cycle of planning and preparation – the late nights, the stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed.
The pressure cooker of classroom demands remains, constantly taking its toll on your love for teaching but also your personal wellbeing.

Step Into Your Brighter Future with
Teach This Daily

Join us now to access your daily lesson plans ensuring you cover the curriculum effortlessly throughout 2024. Imagine being part of a community where teaching is a celebration of creativity and where your wellbeing and your time are valued as much as your teaching skills. 
With Teach This Daily, we celebrate teaching and make the classroom a place that is fun and inspiring again, not a chore.


  • Daily Curriculum-Aligned Lesson Plans for English, Maths, HASS, Health, Science and Visual Art
  • Guide to differentiating and modifying every lesson
  • Interactive digital widgets to engage your students and make your teaching even more streamlined
  • Behaviour management tools, classroom displays & fun games to make every lesson exciting
  • So much more...

Transform Your Classroom Today


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